Back from London. It was so damn stressful lovely. Monty Python were ingenious. And the Natural History Museum is my new favourite place in the city. Pictured above is not a member of the Pythons but Charles Darwin (they’re all roughly the same age so it doesn’t make a difference).



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jesus I just wrote porn of this

I think that’s the first time someone has written porn of a piece I did. Lovely.

Dragon Age Reverse Flash Bang 2014


The Dragon Age Reverse Flash Bang is here!  In this round, artists and fanmixers will produce work based on existing Dragon Age properties/characters, and authors will write short stories based on those works. 

The big difference in this round is the duration of the round and the work required - there will be just over two months from now until posting begins! That means artists and authors will have much less time to work than in other rounds. Thus, relaxed requirements! Traditional/digital/graphic artists may produce whatever they like. Lineart, fully colored, somewhere in between - whatever you have the time to do! Fanmixers must produce a mix of at least 6 songs, with a cover. (Back cover optional.) Meanwhile, authors will only need to write at least 3,000 words based on the art they choose. 

The timeline: 

Artist Sign-Ups: July 16th - July 27th
Author Sign-Ups: July 16th - August 10th
Artist Check-In: August 4th
Art/Mixes Due: August 14th
Author Claiming: August 16th
Author Check-In: September 1st
Stories Due: September 12th
Posting Begins: September 15th


After careful consideration, the mods have elected to not allow any DA:I specific content for this round. This means:

- You may not include any characters that will be introduced in DA:I. (Vivienne, Dorian, Sera, et cetera)

- You may include returning characters that will appear in DA:I, of course (Varric, Cullen, Cassandra, et cetera), but any art/story you create must be set either before the start of DA:I or in an AU in which DA:I does not exist.

- You may not include an Inquisitor.

We want this particular round to be about the characters, stories, and settings we already know and love. We do not want it to be about speculation and headcanons about a game that we only have the most basic information about thus far. So please follow the above rules in both spirit and letter - there will be plenty of time to create all the fanworks about the new game after its release! We’re looking forward to running another round after everyone has had a chance to play DA:I; for now, though, we want to celebrate the games we’ve already fallen in love with.

The sign-up forms will be linked in posts to follow.

Think you might be interested? All the additional information you need is below!

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Well, things can’t really get any worse at the moment… but for now I’m off to see Monty Python in London this weekend. I’m quite excited.

personal junk under the cut

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uploading old art before going to bed

I’m feeling sad now.
Hugs, anyone?

got my tickets to Monty Python live in London, which is good

might be unemployed as of next month, which is not so good

commissioned by the lovely teadrinkingdragon


"I have seen things in my journeys that most can only dream of. Literally.” — Solas: The Mind [source]

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