It’s funny to work in a job where we supposedly teach the children empathy, while at the same time we demonstrate the worst dog-eat-dog mentality amongst our colleagues.

Thank you for the birthday wishes! It means a lot to me.

I’ll try to be more productive in the future.

And more of a friend.


I have the strong urge to draw Solas. And Vivienne.

I’m in an exceptionally bad mood after my last visit at my old work place, where my former boss/colleague/”friend” forbid me to say goodbye to the kids just to show me who has the upper hand.

You know what?

Fuck her!

Fuck all of em!

I’m done!

I’m going to live a better life in a better job and find my own fucking happiness.

quick update

quit my job

got a new one

new flat too

and my cat is doing well

There should be a Voight-Kampff Test for educators.

this is mostly about my cat being ill and work being fucked up, so you should probably not read it

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Mark Millar and Todd McFarlane: Ladies, Comics Aren't For You ›

I’ve always wanted to draw my own comic series… now I got one more reason for it.

Welcome new followers. Find out everything there is to know about this blog (and maybe even less) here.

Und ein besonders herzliches Willkommen an alle deutschsprachigen J√ľnger (klingt doch viel besser als followers).

I did another DARBB piece.

And the one and only missl0nelyhearts wrote a story for it.